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Mosques in Trichy

Trichy is a land of quite a number of mosques. The place which is recognized for its multi-religious population has a number of mosques all around the city. Although, Trichy's population is predominantly Hindus, the masses of other religious beliefs have their own space.

During the prehistoric times, the penetration of Islamic ground forces in the state impacted in the propagation of Islamism in all over the region resulting in construction of the number of mosques in the city.

Natthersa Mosque Trichy

Baba Natharvali holds a unique place in the list of Islamic saints, who was a sultan but ignored the delights of majestic life. Baba Mosques in Trichyatharvali crowned his brother as a sultan and started his holy journey in an effort of extension of Allah's glorification as per the beliefs. During his holy journey, Baba Natharvali visited Trichy 1100 years ago and was the first Sufi who brought Islamic beliefs to Tamil Nadu.

He passed a devout sainted lifetime in Trichy. Baba Natharvali took his last breath on 15th day of Islamic month of Ramadan. As a respect to the great Saint, the first 17 days in the Islamic month of Ramadan is celebrated as kanduri Urs in a grand manner in Trichy.

Chowk Maidan Masjid

The Chowk Maidan dargah is located near town hall, Trichy.The dargah was actually built during 1736 AD and dedicated to Islamic soldiers by Rani Mangamal (Queen Regent of Madurai Nayak Kingdom).

Quick facts

Location: Town hall, Trichy
Nearest Bus Stand: Chatram bus stand

Begam Sahiba MasjidPopular Mosques in Trichy

The mosque at Periya kadai veedhi, Trichy was built by Begam Sahiba of Kerala, who is one among the wives of Nawab of Arcot. The Islamic month of Ramadan, is celebrated and many events are conducted in the mosque. During Ramadan fasting, the mosque serves ‘Iftar’ dinners as a part of the traditions.

Quick facts

Location: Big bazaar street
Nearest Bus Stand: Chatram bus stand

Pannadibee Dargah

The Pannadibee Dargah is located in Woraiyur, Trichy, which is 7 km away from the Trichy city center. The Pannadibee Dargah is famous for the grand holy annual ‘Santhanakoodu fete’.The Santhanakoodu festival is an important festival which brings people from other religions to the dargah where humanity tops the religious beliefs.

Quick facts

Location: Woraiyur
Nearest Bus Stand: Chatram bus stand

Kanmian Masjid

The Kanmian masjid was built in honor of Prophet Kanmiyan Sasith who visited Tiruchirappalli. The local population gathers in large numbers during the festivals observed at the masjid.

Quick facts

Location: Palakarai
Nearest Bus Stand: Central bus stand

Kajamalai Dargah

The Kajamalai dargah was established in the memory of Hazarah Kaja Syed Ahamadullah Shah who visited Tiruchirappalli to pay his respects to Baba Natharvali. During his stay in the region, Hazarah Kaja Syed Ahamadullah Shah was preaching Islam to the local population.

Quick facts

Location: Kajamalai, Trichy
Nearest Bus Stand: Central bus stand

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